What should you do if your drinking water comes from a private well?

Find a lab

If your water comes from a private well and you are concerned that your drinking water may be contaminated with PFAS, you can have your water tested by a private lab. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources maintains a list of laboratories that are certified for PFAS analysis. 

Sample carefully

PFAS are present in many things we use in our everyday life, so extra care should be taken to avoid accidentally contaminating a water sample during sample collection. For this reason, samplers must wear nitrile gloves (generally provided in the sampling kit from the laboratory) and make sure not to touch anything other than the sample bottles during sample collection. Be sure to read and follow any instructions that come with a water sample kit.

Advocate for state funding

Because PFAS testing may be cost-prohibitive for many people with private wells, it is critical to continue to advocate at the state level for funding to help homeowners test their wells. Contact your state legislators and tell them to support efforts to fund PFAS testing and remediation.

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